What is NECO Result Token?

NECO Result Token or NECO Token works like NECO scratch card in token format on the new neco result platform. NECO Result Token can be used to check all year of NECO Exams both June/July and NECO Private.

New NECO Result Token

The New NECO Result Token makes it easier to check NECO result. The new NECO Token comprises of a secured 12-digit unique PIN number that is required to check your NECO Results.

Where can I buy a NECO Result Token Online?

NECO Result Token can be purchase online from this platform https://triplegltd.com/necoresulttoken.php and the NECO Token will be delivered to you instantly at the comfort of your home or office without paying any extra charges. The reviewed amount of NECO token is now ₦700.

Another good site where you can purchase NECO RESULT TOKEN online is https://myexampin.com/necoresulttoken.php.

How to Buy Neco Result Token Online

  1. Visit triplegltd.com or myexampin.com
  2. Click on NECO Result Token
  3. Select the quantity you need
  4. Choose the Payment Method You prefer.
  5. After a successful payment, your PIN will be displayed instantly.

How many times can I use my NECO result token?

NECO Result Token can be used 5 times for one Candidate. After the allowed default limit, you will need to purchase a new NECO Token which will allow you to check your neco results for another five times.

Can I use 1 NECO Token to check more than one NECO result?

No! You can only use one NECO result token to check one NECO result. To check another result of interest, you will need a new NECO Result Token Pin. For example, If you misuse a NECO token by mistakenly attempting to check another result that is different from your Exam no, you will need to purchase a new NECO Result Token.

How Can I Check my NECO Result?

Visit result.neco.gov.ng and fill in all the required information: enter the new Token number, enter your exam number, exam year, exam type, then click on CHECK RESULT.

Why Buy NECO Result Token on triplegltd.com

At triplegltd.com, Our Unbeatable service is such you can’t find elsewhere. Our online store ensures FREE, Secured, Price Guarantee, 100% Customer satisfaction, Fast and Instant delivery of your NECO Result Token with a core value to inspire Cybercafe operators and individual users. We have the best ICT competence to make sure your NECO Token is always delivered to you online. We go the extra mile for our customers to ensure 100% product availability. Our website is secured with 3D SSL certificate making it safer for everyone to carry out their online transaction peacefully.

How Safe is it to Buy Cards Online?

All cards on our site are genuine because we have a direct access to all the exam bodies, we do not pass through a third party. Your ATM cards will be used on a secure platform of paystack or Flutterwave or Interswitch depending on your choice.

What Exams Does NECO Conduct?

NECO June/July specifically for internal or school candidates.

NECO Nov/Dec specifically for private candidates.

Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) specifically for third-year students of the Junior Secondary School.

National Common Entrance Examination (NCEE) specifically for students in their 6th year of basic education.

How can I register for NECO at ease?

Visit your school of interest (nearby) and ask for their procedures to register for NECO June/July (Internal). Procedures may vary from one school to the other.

Visit the nearest internet café to register for NECO Nov/Dec (External). Cafés can register it easily for you. They can also give you all the necessary details and modalities to register.

To register for NECO BECE, visit your school of interest and ask for their procedures. Procedures may vary from one school to the other.

Visit your school of interest and ask for their procedures to register for the NECO Common Entrance (NCEE). Procedures may vary from one school to the other.

What are the various steps to check my NECO results?

The new method of checking results requires buying token online instead of the scratch cards you’re used to.

Get the step by step guide in this post and follow due instructions at the NECO result checking page. Result checking for BECE and NCEE are free, no TOKEN required.

How can I apply for the Correction of Names in NECO 2021?

If there are spelling errors while registering at NECO, please kindly write the NECO Branch office of the state of exams through the principal (in the case of internal students – NECO June / July). If you are a private candidate (NECO GCE – November/December), write and take a letter to the NECO State branch in person with a court affidavit.

When is the estimated Closing Date for NECO registration?

First, keep in mind that although NECO can announce a specific closing date, schools do not wait until this date before they finish accepting candidate applications. Therefore, contact your school of interest to know their closing dates. In the case of GCE NECO (November/December), the closing date on their website should be taken seriously.

How possible can I get the NECO timetable?

The NECO internal schedule must be requested from the school examination official. Applicants for NECO Nov/Dec should have their timetable accompanied with their exams photocard. This should be given to you by the cafér. You can also check the NECO external page for the current year timetable update.

Can I Combine two NECO Results for Admission?

Yes, you can combine two different NECO results for admission. You can as well combine NECO June/July with NECO Nov/Dec.

Also, note that all schools accept this combination and for any course whatsoever.

Meanwhile, some courses like Pharmacy, Medicine, Nursing, etc require just one sitting. In that case, you can’t combine results.

Can I combine a NECO Result with a WAEC Results?

Yes, you can.

Almost all schools accept this combination.

Can I make use of a NECO awaiting results for admission?

Yes, you can possibly make use of a NECO awaiting results for admission provided that such result will be released before your proposed university, polytechnic or college starts admission processes for the admission year.

Can I use of a NECO results outside Nigeria?

Yes, you can, because most foreign schools are now accepting NECO results for admissions. All you need to do is to contact the school of your choice to know if the school recognizes or accepts the certificate.

Can I check my NECO result without a scratch card or checker?

No, you can’t.

All candidates must buy a token (usually called a checker) to check on the NECO result checking the website.

Where can I purchase a NECO scratch card and how much?

You can purchase a NECO Token for checking result on triplegltd.com or myexampin.com

How can I print my NECO result?

Do you wish to print out your NECO result after check? All you have to do is to click on the Print Icon on the result checking NECO portal.

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